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Online Fraud Prevention

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

The technical advances that are making the Internet so great are the same advances that are making online fraud commonplace and dangerous. Online fraudsters will go to any length to trick you into giving away your money or even worse, giving away sensitive personal information that could lead to identity theft.

If you use the Internet even only once a day then you need strong fraud prevention to help you stay protected.

Ways Online Fraud Prevention can help you.

Online fraud comes in many different forms. Some of the most common ways are through spyware, viruses, Trojans and worms that get installed on your computer in most cases without your knowledge.

Malicious downloads like those above can get on your computer simply by visiting a suspicious website. A hacker only has to manipulate a type of technology called ActiveX that will enable him to take control of your computer remotely. That means that they can download whatever they want onto you computer.

And programs like spyware are built to search through you computer and find information about you to report back to the hacker. You may not know it, but your computer logs all kinds of information about you. There are files deep on your hard drive right now that contain information like what websites you visit, what kind of online purchases you make, your logins and passwords, and potentially even your credit card numbers. And once these files are found by a piece of spyware, they are sent to a hacker who stores them for later use. And all of this would happen without you even knowing it.

If you want to keep your PC and personal information safe, then you need a strong fraud prevention solution.

Get the best Online Fraud Prevention on the market.

Winferno Software offers you Secure IE Browser Security, fortified with Private IE privacy manager. Secure IE Browser Security is the only browser on the market today that was specifically designed with Internet users’ security as the primary concern. Secure IE utilizes multiple lines of defense to protect you from Internet identity theft.

Secure IE Browser Security fortified with the Private IE privacy manager will give you a robust solution to better protect yourself from identity thieves and hackers.

Step One: Secure Your Web Browser

Secure IE’s unique approach to online security:

  • New! Integrated McAfee Site Advisor warns of dangerous Web sites, places safety ratings alongside search results, and provides a site’s safety rating upon request.
  • Seal up security gaps with our automatic security tune-up.
  • Stop Spyware (which is often used in computer fraud) at the point of entry with out exclusive Browser Shield.
  • Automatically blocks malicious ActiveX, which hackers and identity thieves will use to gain entrance to your PC and commit computer fraud.
  • Block Pop-ups, including Windows Messenger pop-ups.
  • One click access to security zones, which allow you to designate which websites get certain privileges.
  • Intercepts Malicious File Downloads and scans for viruses (requires virus-scanning software).
  • Stay one step ahead of hackers with built in auto-updates.

Step Two: Protect Your Private Data

Private IE was built to wipe out all the sensitive documents on your computer that could be used to steal your identity. Private IE will:

  • Delete Your Internet History
  • Delete Your Browser Tracking Cookies
  • Delete Your Internet Cache
  • Delete Your Temporary Internet Files
  • Delete Your Locked and Hidden index.dat Files
  • Delete Your Recent Documents List
  • Empty Your Recycling Bin

With Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE on your side, you’ll get award-winning Fraud Protection Software.

Learn more about Secure IE and Private IE.

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