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Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Fatal Disk Error?

What does that mean? It means that your computer has crashed and now, you are in big trouble. Even though computers today are usually very sturdy, it doesn’t take much to knock your hard drive out of alignment. And once your hard drive stops working, your computer operations will shortly come to a complete standstill. Unlike other computer components that can be swapped out when they break, the hard drive is where all your files are stored, so swapping that out means losing everything. Your best safeguard against this nightmare is coming up with a good data backup plan.

Some people think that the process of backing up their computer files is a complicated process that involves tape drives and intricate programs. In reality, data backup can be as simple as copying a few files to a floppy disk. But floppy disks can only hold a few files and if you use your computer more than a few times every month, chances are you have more than a few files that you’d like to protect.

Data Backup the easy way

So how do you get a bunch of files to fit into a small storage area? The answer is file compression.

Zip technology is the most common and popular type of file compression used in computing today. Compressing a file is simply a process that takes any normal file and squeezes it into something smaller. And then when you want to use the file again, you “unzip” it back to its normal size.

Compressing your data before performing a data backup will save you tons of storage space. A normal Word document will shrink to at least 1/5 it’s original size when zipped. This means that an average floppy disk or burned CD will hold 5 times more when the data is zipped beforehand!

With zip technology, data backup becomes as easy as drag and drop onto a floppy disk or burnable CD.

Where can I get a good Zipping Program?

There are tons of zipping programs on the market today. The problem with many of them is that they are so confusing to use. They have buttons that don’t make sense and other features that aren’t intuitive at all. If you want a zipping solution that is effective and easy to use, then there is only one place to turn.

Winferno Software offers you SnapZip zipping software. SnapZip is easy to use and easy to understand. If you need a little extra help, SnapZip has wizards to guide you through every step. Let SnapZip help you clear up space on your computer and back up your data with confidence. With SnapZip, file compression and data backup couldn’t be easier.

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