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Photo Compression Made Simple

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Digital cameras have greatly evolved over the last few years and are no longer just for professional photographers. With cameras ranging from under 2 megapixels to over 6 megapixels, there certainly are a lot of options. And with prices so low, most people are looking for the biggest megapixel they can afford.

But is bigger always better?

In terms of the quality of photos (especially if you’re going to print them) the more megapixels you can afford, the better. But more megapixels means larger photos. And larger photos take up tons of space on your PC and can drastically slow it down. Plus, the bigger the photo size, the more difficult they are to email.

So what’s the solution?

Photo compression (technically called zipping) lets you have your cake and eat it too. A Zip Program takes your originals and will compress photos creating a "squished" copy. You can choose to compress pictures to their original resolution (best for printing) or a reduced resolution (great for viewing on the computer and emailing).

There are many benefits with photo compression.

  • You can store multiple photos in a single zip file.
  • When you compress pictures they are easy to send via email.
  • To clear up space on your PC, you can compress photos and store them in a single zip file (which is a much smaller file).

I’ve tested a bunch of zip programs and my favorite of the bunch is SnapZip. It’s the only zip program with advanced photo compression and an easy to use interface.

Here’s how photo compression works:

  1. Open SnapZip
    I’d like to email my photos, so I’ve chosen the Zip and Email Wizard. (This is a great time saving feature because it guides you through the whole process and it makes zipping a snap!)
  2. Then browse your PC for the photos you’d like to zip
    This is done via a Windows Explorer box, something I’m already familiar with, so it was easy for me to understand.
  3. When you’re finished adding your pictures, click Save Zip
  4. SnapZip gives you the option for advanced photo compression
    I choose this option because I’m emailing my photos and I want to make them as small as I can.
  5. A blank email with my compressed photos in a zip file was attached and ready for me to send.

By using SnapZip I was able to compress pictures that were originally 5MB down to 1MB all in a matter of minutes. And because of the Wizards, there was no wasted time spent learning a new and complicated program. With SnapZip, I can have all the megapixels I want plus the ability to easily compress photos, making them easier to send over email and clearing up space on my PC.

 Snap Zip Software

Learn more about Snap Zip.

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