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Sharing Digital Photos

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Gone are the days of fighting over duplicate prints and waiting an endless week for my memories to be developed. With my new digital camera, sharing photos is a snap. Now just a day after my sisters’ wedding, I’ve downloaded all my photos and am about to email pictures to my friends and family. And I’ve received several emails with all of their photos.

Sharing Photos

With the invention of digital photography, there are also countless options on sharing photos. Here’s a brief overview:

1. Through Email
Most of us are already familiar with how to communicate over email, so it makes sense to share photos this way. The problem with sharing photos this way is that most are too big to send over email. Popular email accounts, such as Hotmail and Yahoo, often limit the inbox size to 10 MB. If you sent just 2-3 large pictures, you could clog up your friends’ email and cause chaos on both ends.

2. Online Photo Albums
This is another popular choice for sharing photos. These services allow you to upload photos and allow people to view them. However they’ve also got problems. First it takes too much time. There’s the time need spent learning how to upload and set up your photos. Then there’s time spent in actually uploading your photos. And once you send it off, all of your friends and family have to learn how to use it as well.

Second, most online photo albums encounter a privacy issue because they are hard to restrict access to, so many people can view your photos!

So What’s the Solution?

I think the answer is to compress photos (which is technically called zipping). With zipping you can squish your pictures and share photos via email (which people are already familiar with). A small zip file houses all of your photos and can be attached to an email. There are lots of products in this category, so beware- most are made specifically for business users and can be quite confusing.

My favorite of the bunch is called SnapZip, which is made by Winferno Software. This easy to use program squishes your photos up to 5 times smaller and makes them a snap to email. What I like about SnapZip are the built in Wizards that guide you through the whole process and instantly opens an email for you to conveniently email pictures. This means there’s no learning curve, which for someone like me, who has a busy schedule, is a huge benefit.

After my email (with my compressed pictures) is sent, my friend can easily open the file (the recipient doesn’t need to have SnapZip installed). And because my photos are compressed there’s no worry of long download times, clogged inboxes, etc.

Digital photography and programs like SnapZip have made sharing photos a snap and a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. So now I can concentrate on more important things like what to do with my sister and new brother in laws classic cake in face photo.

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