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Unzipping Files

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

What did you do the last time you received a zipped up file in an email? Did you panic? Or maybe you clicked on it and nothing happened. If you feel a little bewildered when it comes to zipping and unzipping files, you aren’t alone.

What is Unzipping?

Unzipping is the process of decompressing a file that has been compressed or in other words, zipped. File compression sounds really technical, but all it really means is taking a normal file and squeezing it into something smaller. Then later when you want to use that file again, unzipping it returns the file to its normal size.

Why Do People Zip?

You wouldn’t have to worry about unzipping files if those files weren’t zipped up in the first place. But file zipping has a long list of benefits. Zipping makes for smaller files, which opens up lots of storage space on your computer. Zipped files are great for archiving. Bulky documents or photos become much less burdensome and are easily stored in zip format. But most of all, zipping attached email documents drastically shortens the email transfer time, which saves you a lot of hassle.

How Does Unzipping Work?

To unzip a file, you need an unzipping program. Windows does not come standard with any zip/unzip utilities. So once you have an unzip program, you simply run your zipped up file through and retrieve the uncompressed documents that you want. Sounds easy right?

Unzipping itself is not difficult. The hard part of this process is choosing the right unzipping program for you. On the market today, there are tons of programs that zip and unzip. The problem with many of them is that they are so confusing to use. They have buttons that don’t make sense and other features that aren’t intuitive at all. If you want an unzipping solution that is effective and easy to use, then there is only one place to turn.

Winferno Software offers you SnapZip zipping software. With SnapZip you can both zip and unzip files. SnapZip is easy to use and easy to understand. If you need a little extra help SnapZip has wizards to guide you through every step. Plus, SnapZip offers you the option of zipping your files and then emailing them for you. Let SnapZip help you clear up space on your computer, archive your important files and dramatically reduce email transmission times. With SnapZip, zipping and unzipping couldn’t be easier.

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