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Clean Internet History

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Did you know that your Internet History is more than just the list of sites that appears on the left hand side of your computer?  In actuality that’s just ONE if the places where your Internet History can be viewed. Deep within your PC there are multiple records of your Internet history that can be easily accessed and viewed.

What sorts of files are lurking on your PC?

If you’re like most people, you’re not the only person who uses your computer. Maybe you share it with roommates, a spouse or your kids. And how do you know where they’ve been online, what websites they’ve visited or what files they’ve downloaded? Just like dust-bunnies hiding under the bed, a quick lift of the bed skirt could reveal all kinds seemingly hidden clutter and dirt.

Whatever the case may be, your Internet history can be very telling. And if someone were to look at your PC they could easily build a profile of you as a consumer, an employee or even a spouse. And with so many people using your PC, would this be an accurate picture of you?

To protect your privacy and keep your good name clean, its recommended you thoroughly clean Internet History.

How to Clean Internet History:

Unfortunately manually cleaning Internet History is not as simple as just pushing a button. Because Internet History is stored in several different locations deep within your PC, simply clearing your history is only wiping away the surface germs. In fact there’s at least one location where your history is stored that cannot be manually deleted. To thoroughly disinfect your PC and clean Internet history you need an expert.

Thoroughly Clean Internet History with PC Confidential

PC Confidential is a powerful program to thoroughly clean Internet History and other telling web tracks.

It employs multiple cleansers to meticulously scrub your PC:

  • Automatically clean Internet history so no one can see which sites you’ve visited
  • Wipes your Recent Documents list so no one can see which documents you’ve worked on.
  • Wipes cookies so sensitive information such as your credit card details and passwords stay PRIVATE!
  • Erase All Media Player History (Videos Watched)
  • Destroy All Online Chat Logs includes chats and instant messages
  • Bleaches Windows Temporary Files which record every action of your computer!
  • Scrubs and deletes your cache, which contains a secret record of every site you’ve ever visited!
  • Disinfects and destroys index.dat files
  • And automatically empties your recycle bin to ensure that what you throw out actually gets deleted!

And what’s more, PC Confidential can be set to do all this automatically. That means that if you have to leave your computer in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about what you are leaving behind.

PC Confidential is a powerful cleaner that’s quick to install and easy to use. When you think of all the dirt someone could collect on you just by looking at your PC, why take that risk? And it may not even be yours- it could be anyone who has used your computer! Keep your good name and PC clean when you use PC Confidential to clean Internet History.

Learn more about PC Confidential or download a Free Personal Privacy Scan.

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