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Delete Temporary Internet Files

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Did you know that every time you surf the Internet, your computer is quietly storing files full of information about you? One type of file that your computer keeps is called a temporary Internet file. A temporary Internet file could be a graphic, a web page, a cookie, a video file etc. These files are stored so that the next time you visit the web site associated with that temporary Internet file, the page will load faster.

Normally, when you view a web page with a lot of images, multimedia effects or text, your web browser has to load each one over the Internet. This can be really time consuming. And everyone knows how irritating it is to have to wait for a web page to load all the way. Having temporary Internet files means quicker web browsing for you and a little less work for your web browser.

This may seem like a good thing, but think about your temporary Internet files from a different point of view. Imagine someone else sitting down to your computer and opening up all your temporary Internet files. This person would be able to see everything you had seen in your recent Internet sessions. They would see pictures, video, text and more just as you had seen it. It would be as if they had been standing over your shoulder the whole time. Would you feel comfortable with someone watching you when you surf the Internet?

You may think its easy to just delete temporary Internet files or that getting rid of these files is just a matter of deleting a few directories on your C drive, but this is not the case. Windows stores these files deep in your hard drive in places that are very difficult to get to. To delete temporary Internet files properly, you need an expert.

Delete Temporary Files & Much More

PC Confidential was built with your privacy in mind. PC Confidential will delete your browser history as well as other sensitive files that could contain your private information. With PC Confidential you can rest assured that your online privacy is intact and you can surf the Internet with confidence.

You don’t have to guess what private information is sitting on your computer anymore. You can download our Free Personal Privacy Scan and within seconds know how much of your personal information is at risk and permanently delete this data so that it can NEVER be recovered.

With PC Confidential, your privacy is secure!

Learn more about PC Confidential.

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