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Sunday, August 19th, 2007

What is Index.dat?

Index.dat is a file used by Microsoft Internet Explorer to store web addresses, search queries, and recently opened files. While the AutoComplete feature is activated, websites, form entries, and recent download information are stored within this file so that they can be access more easily in the future. When you type a website into the address bar, or enter information into a textbox, the index.dat file is referenced. If you have entered a similar string of characters at any point in the past, you will be presented with matching entries. While this is a useful when dealing with long Internet addresses that are difficult to remember, or repeatedly entering the same information into textboxes, having a complete record of Internet activity is a threat to personal privacy and security.

Can You Manually Delete Index.dat?

One of the biggest dangers of the index.dat file is that it remains on your computer even once you’ve disabled the AutoComplete feature. Even worse is that the file is very difficult, if not impossible, to erase from your computer. It will remain even after you clear Internet cache, temporary files, and history. To go about it manually, one must first locate index.dat, which is hidden deep within your system settings folder. If one manages to locate the file, and attempt to delete it, they will come up against an error claiming the file is in use. Because it is a system file, and is loaded when the operating system boots, the file is always being used. As such, it is very difficult to manually remove this potential threat to your privacy.

How to Easily Delete Index.dat

PC Confidential will locate the locked index.dat file and permanently delete all information contained on it. Since it is impossible to delete the index.dat while it is running, PC Confidential schedules the index.dat file to be deleted during the next start up of your computer. In addition to deleting the index.dat files, PC Confidential permanently deletes all your online history and more.

You don’t have to guess what private information is sitting on your computer anymore. You can download our Free Personal Privacy Scan and within seconds know how much of your personal information is at risk and permanently delete this data so that it can NEVER be recovered.

With PC Confidential, your privacy is secure!

Learn more about PC Confidential.

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