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Internet Tracks

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Even though you would never know it, many things happen every time you use the Internet. As soon as you sign on, little programs within the depths of your computer come to life and quietly start collecting all kinds of information about you. A quick search of your computer would reveal the following types of information:

Internet Tracks: Internet cache (also known as Temporary Internet Files) is a file that stores information from web pages that you often visit. This means every image, animation, link and sound from all the websites you visit is stored on your PC. And anyone looking at your cache would be able to see everything that you saw the last time you were on the Internet.

Because these files are stored at different locations on your hard drive, manually finding and destroying each one is becoming increasingly difficult.

Internet Tracks: Internet history is more than just the sidebar on the left-hand side of your monitor. Internet history is really a broad grouping of several files on your computer where the actual addresses of websites you visit are collected. These files are used in functions like the Back and Forward buttons on your browser and even the auto complete function in your URL bar. Just opening one of these Internet history files would give a person a complete picture of where you go on the Internet.

Internet Tracks: Cookies: Have you ever bought something from a website that required a login, like When you come back to that website days later, you are greeted with a phrase like “Welcome back Jane!” in the top of the web page. How did the website magically remember your name?

Simple – the website used a type of file called a Cookie. Cookies are little files that websites write and store on your computer. Every time you visit a certain website, it will look for its cookie on your hard drive. It uses the information stored within the cookie to know your name, your shopping preferences and other information about you.

Aren’t These Internet Tracks Helpful?

It may seem that way. But think about it from a different point of view. Imagine a stranger sitting down at your computer and looking through your cache, history and cookies. Believe it or not, with relatively little effort, a person can use the information found in these files to put together a fairly comprehensive profile of you. They would have your name, address, phone number, where you like to shop, what kind of products you buy, what websites you look at and maybe even your credit card and social security numbers. Just imagine the kind of damage a criminal could do with that kind of information.

You may think that a criminal wouldn’t bother going to all that trouble to steal from “another average computer user like me”, but identity theft scams are more powerful and prevalent today then ever before. Hackers and cyber-criminals write viruses and other bugs to do their dirty work for them, and once your system is infected, it’s only a matter of time before they try to steal your identity.

So how can you keep yourself from being profiled by hackers?

You have to get rid of all the information stored in the various files on your computer that your web browser uses. You could go through your hard drive and try to clear your cache, delete your cookies, and delete your Internet history by hand, but unless you are extremely experienced in navigating the file structures of your computer, chances are you will erase something important by accident. And even if you successfully deleted these files by hand, Internet Explorer keeps another file called “index.dat” hidden on your computer in several locations. This file keeps a total record of every website you visit. And this file is locked, so you can’t delete it by hand. To manage your privacy right, you need an expert.

Permanently Erase Internet Tracks

PC Confidential is a program that was designed for the purpose of cleaning all the files on your computer that a hacker could potentially use to build a profile for you and steal your identity.  Did you know that…

Every website you visit, picture you view, video you watch, online chat you have, and more is all being recorded in hidden files. With just a little effort, this information could be available to your spouse, your boss, your kids, or even a hacker trying to steal your identity!

Why jeopardize your family, reputation, job, or identity any longer? With PC Confidential, you won’t be putting your privacy at risk anymore. PC Confidential was specifically designed to protect your sensitive information and ensure that no one will be able to access what you do on your PC.

You don’t have to guess what private information is sitting on your computer anymore. You can download our Free Personal Privacy Scan and within seconds know how much of your personal information is at risk and permanently delete this data so that it can NEVER be recovered.

With PC Confidential, your privacy is secure!

Learn more about PC Confidential.

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