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Internet Explorer Security Zones: Changing Security Level Settings

July 30th, 2007

There are 5 levels of security setting available for each Internet Explorer security zone. To change the default security level for any zone, perform the following steps:


Internet Explorer Security Zones

July 20th, 2007

Security zones are an Internet Explorer feature that allows users to sort websites based on their level of trust in them. By default, all websites are placed within the Internet Zone category, which has a default security level of medium. The other categories of security zones include the Local Intranet Zone, the Trusted Sites Zone, and the Restricted Sites Zone. Each of these zones has a different default security level, however these can be modified in order to suit your specific needs.


Web Browser

February 8th, 2007

When a hacker decides to break into your PC, the first door he will try is your web browser. Because of how the Internet works, your web browser acts as a gateway for information. When you open the Internet, you’re actually sending a request for a web page like Your web browser shoots your request across the Internet and then translates the information (’s website) that comes back. Hackers have become very sophisticated and have learned ways to break through this gate way.


Making Internet Explorer More Secure

August 28th, 2006

Roughly 84% of people on the Internet today have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed as their primary web browser. With that many people using the same browser, Internet Explorer is usually the first place a hacker goes when trying to break into a system.


Pop Up Protection

July 29th, 2006

Maybe you think that a few pop ups are normal. Or that even though a few pop ups here and there are irritating, they don’t really pose such a big problem that you need to do anything about them. If this is what you think, you’re treading in dangerous waters because getting pop ups on your computer is usually indicative of a much bigger problem.


Disable Pop Ups

June 3rd, 2006

While pop up ads may be annoying, they are also symptoms that true danger lurks beneath! Constant Pop up ads are oftentimes signs that your computer could be infected with adware, spyware or worse.


Internet Browsers

April 5th, 2006

There are many Internet Browsers on the market today, but surprisingly most people can only recall of one or two of them. But did you know that these Internet Browsers you trust are the very ones that hackers break into the most?


Dangers of ActiveX and How to Disable It

February 3rd, 2006

With ActiveX, a website can be interactive and allow you to use tools such as online mortgage calculators or online expense tracking tools. This technology has made the Internet much more exciting and robust, but unfortunately, in the wrong hands, ActiveX technology is easily exploitable.


Pop Ups

December 21st, 2005

Aside from being annoying, pop ups can also be extremely dangerous as they can act as portals for you to accidentally download hazardous software (like spyware or adware) onto your computer. And once installed on your PC, spyware quietly starts collecting all kinds of information about you. It logs what websites you visit and how long you stay on the Internet.


Top Ways a Hacker Can Get Into Your Computer

June 5th, 2005

Is there anything a Hacker can’t do? Everyday we read more and more stories about hackers breaking into big businesses, stealing the average Joe’s identity and wreaking general havoc. It’s no wonder we’ve become wary of the Internet.


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