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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Do you get Pop ups?

Maybe you think that a few pop ups are normal. Or that even though a few pop ups here and there are irritating, they don’t really pose such a big problem that you need to do anything about them. If this is what you think, you’re treading in dangerous waters because getting pop ups on your computer is usually indicative of a much bigger problem.

The big problem beneath pop ups

Some legitimate websites use an occasional pop up to add content to their site. These pop ups are ok. But if you get pop ups when you have a web browser open and especially when you don’t, then you have a big problem.

Getting constant pop ups on your screen means that you could be infected with programs called spyware or adware. These programs act like little spies that and once installed on your computer, go around collecting little pieces of data about you. Once they have enough, they send everything they have found to the hacker that installed them on your PC. And you would be surprised at what these little programs can find out about you from the various files that are lying around your computer.

You may not know it but right now there are files on your computer that hold pieces of information like your name, your address, which websites you go to, what kinds of products you buy, and possibly even your credit card numbers. All a spyware or adware program has to do is find these files, and you can kiss your good credit rating goodbye.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that getting good pop up protection on your computer could be the best investment you will ever make.

Get good pop up protection and so much more

Secure IE Browser Security offers you some of the most advanced pop up protection available. Secure IE’s pop up protection is smart enough to know which websites should have pop up capabilities and which shouldn’t. The Secure IE Security Manager allows you to corral websites into security zones. So websites that you trust (like your bank) are given certain security privileges like using pop ups. Other websites that you don’t trust or aren’t sure of are given limited security privileges on your PC. This means that you are guarded against malicious software downloads that could possibly lead to big problems.

Secure IE utilizes multiple lines of defense to:

  • Block Pop ups
  • Block Spyware
  • Block Adware
  • Block Malicious File Downloads
  • Block Hackers
  • And more!

Everyone knows that pop ups are irritating, but you need to understand that having pop ups on your computer could mean that you are at risk to lose a lot more than just your patience. Protect your computer today with the advanced pop up protection of Secure IE.

Web Browser Security

For more information on Secure IE, see Secure IE Browser Security.

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