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Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

How familiar is this scenario? You open your web browser and start cruising around the Internet. You visit a few websites and then a small window pops up on top of what you are looking at. The window is advertising some product that you aren’t interested in, so you close it. A few moments later, another pop up window appears, then another. Soon you’re having to close out pop up windows every few seconds.

Everyone knows how irritating pop ups can be. They get in the way of what you are doing and can display material that is extremely inappropriate. Sometimes pop ups happen even when you don’t have the Internet open. But did you know that pop ups can also pose a real threat to your computer security?

A Big Pop Ups Problem

Aside from being annoying, pop ups can also be extremely dangerous as they can act as portals for you to accidentally download hazardous software (like spyware or adware) onto your computer. And once installed on your PC, spyware quietly starts collecting all kinds of information about you. It logs what websites you visit and how long you stay on the Internet. It tracks your online purchases and keeps records of your logins and passwords, your address and phone number, and even your credit card numbers. Some spyware will even log your keystrokes, which means it will keep a record of everything you type! In the hands of the wrong person, spyware can be used to steal your identity, rack up thousands of dollars of purchases and ruin your credit. It is surprising how a little pop up window can lead to such a big problem.

The obvious solution to this situation is to use a pop up blocker. Pop up blocking software disables websites from using pop ups. But what happens for websites like your bank that may use pop ups to display useful information? Those are pop ups that you may want to see.

If you are interested in a pop ups solution that lets you see the pop ups that you want to see while blocking everything else then you should check out the advanced pop up blocker that is included with the Secure IE secure web browser.

Block Pop Ups the Smart Way

Secure IE Browser Security offers you advanced pop up blocking that is smart enough to know what websites should have pop up capabilities and which shouldn’t. The Secure IE Security Manager allows you to corral websites into security zones. So websites that you trust (like your bank) are given privileges like using pop ups. Other websites that you don’t trust or aren’t sure of are given limited privileges on your PC. This means that you are guarded against malicious software downloads that could possibly lead to big problems.

With Secure IE Browser Security, you will have strong security that is flexible enough to keep you protected while allowing you to surf the Internet the way you want. Get Secure IE Browser Security with advanced pop up blocking and leave your PC security issues to us.

For more information on, see Secure IE.

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