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Top Ways a Hacker Can Get Into Your Computer

Sunday, June 5th, 2005

Is there anything a Hacker can’t do? Everyday we read more and more stories about hackers breaking into big businesses, stealing the average Joe’s identity and wreaking general havoc. It’s no wonder we’ve become wary of the Internet.

But the truth is that most hackers use the same tricks to break into computers and steal valuable information. And knowing these tricks will help you stay protected from a hacker’s sticky fingers.

Top tools hackers use:

#1 Spam: Most hacker attacks start with junk mail….a.k.a spam. A hacker will send out enticingly titled messages such as “I Love You” or “Free Gift!” to hundreds or even thousands of illegally obtained email addresses. These spam emails can trick you into giving away sensitive personal information, going to dangerous websites, or even downloading programs that will give a hacker total control over your computer! Hackers are very savvy in their computer knowledge and will go to great lengths to make their spam emails as believable as possible.

#2 Downloads: Downloading off the Internet became wildly popular when Napster was introduced to cyberspace. And now, even though law enforcement has cracked down on music downloading, a quick Google search will reveal tons of websites dedicated to downloading music, video, software and images (either legally or illegally) off the Internet.

But beware – when you download you could be getting more than you bargained for. Many “free” downloads have spyware, adware and even viruses hidden inside them that will infect your computer and put you at risk.

#3 Popups: Everybody knows that popups are annoying, but did you know that they can also be a big security risk? Popups are a tool that Hackers use as another way of getting your attention and tricking you into doing things that could put your personal information at risk. Be on the lookout for both browser popups and Window Messenger popups. Hackers use these to advertise products and services that seem legitimate, but hidden within these popups viruses or spyware could be lurking and with just one click, you could be infected!

#4 ActiveX: ActiveX technology is used by many reputable websites like banks and online merchants in order to make your online experience better. Unfortunately, hackers have figured out ways to exploit ActiveX and use it against you. Hackers use documented security holes in ActiveX to get into your computer and steal the valuable information they find there. And all this could happen from just visiting a questionable website!

How can you stay safe online?

Secure IE Browser Security is the only browser on the market today that was specifically designed with Internet users’ security as the primary concern. Secure IE utilizes multiple lines of defense to protect you from computer fraud.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works:Secure IE

  • Stops Spyware (which is often used in identity theft) at the point of entry with our exclusive Browser Shield
  • Seals up Security Gaps with our automatic security tune-up
  • Automatically Blocks Malicious ActiveX, which hackers and identity thieves will use to gain entrance to your PC.
  • Blocks Pop-ups, including Windows Messenger pop-ups. Popups are not only an annoyance but also pose a security threat.
  • One click Access to Security Zones
  • Intercepts Malicious File Downloads and scans for viruses (requires virus-scanning software)
  • Stay one step ahead of hackers with built in Auto-Updates

For more information, see Secure IE Browser Security.

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