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Thursday, February 8th, 2007

How much do you know about Computer Security?

Most people think that a hacker would never target “small fish” like them and that they aren’t on the Internet enough to be noticed. But they’d be wrong. With 91% of home computer infected with spyware and identity theft on the rise, it’s easier than you might think to steal an identity.

Your web browser: The first place a hacker attacks

When a hacker decides to break into your PC, the first door he will try is your web browser. Because of how the Internet works, your web browser acts as a gateway for information. When you open the Internet, you’re actually sending a request for a web page like Your web browser shoots your request across the Internet and then translates the information (’s website) that comes back. Hackers have become very sophisticated and have learned ways to break through this gate way.

The problem becomes even worse when you realize that the most popular web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer, has hundred of documented security holes.

A Better Web Browser

As hackers become trickier, you need a web browser solution that is strong enough to block their attacks. Secure IE Browser Security is just such a web browser.

Secure IE was built to give you PC security while still allowing you the flexibility to surf the Internet the way you want.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works:Secure IE

  • Stops Spyware (which is often used in identity theft) at the point of entry with our exclusive Browser Shield
  • Seals up Security Gaps with our automatic security tune-up
  • Automatically Blocks Malicious ActiveX, which hackers and identity thieves will use to gain entrance to your PC.
  • Blocks Pop-ups, including Windows Messenger pop-ups. Popups are not only an annoyance but also pose a security threat.
  • One click Access to Security Zones
  • Intercepts Malicious File Downloads and scans for viruses (requires virus-scanning software)
  • Stay one step ahead of hackers with built in Auto-Updates

There are lots of web browsers on the market today. But there is only one that allows you strong security and flexible web browsing at the same time. Let Secure IE Browser Security handle your web browser issues, and you can cruise the Internet with confidence.

For more information on Secure IE, see Secure IE Browser Security.

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