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Startup Programs Slowing Down Your PC?

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Windows Startup

There are certain things that happen every time a computer boots: system components and devices are initialized, the user is prompted to login, and their individual users settings are loaded. Microsoft’s Windows series of operating systems has designated this as the startup process. Along with system components and device drivers, some user-installed programs will be configured to start automatically when Windows boots.

Pop-up advertisements or error messages can also appear at startup, often without the users consent. While preventing some programs from running at startup can be as easy as removing them from the Start MenuProgramsStartup folder, random pop-ups and coded error messages are often more difficult to eliminate.

Too Many Programs Loading at Startup

The #1 cause of a slow startup is having too many programs configured to run automatically when Windows boots.

A system can only juggle a limited amount of tasks at once, depending on the amount of memory installed. An installed program takes up space on your hard drive, but it also uses memory when it is being run. If too many programs are configured to run at startup, it can dramatically decrease system performance because there won’t be any memory left for system functions or user activity.

Also, certain programs that are incompatible with each other can cause errors if they are set to automatically run during startup. When a program is using system files it blocks access to other programs that attempt to use the files simultaneously. This can cause errors if they are both setup to run at startup. For example, having multiple anti-virus programs on your PC simultaneously will cause errors and inhibit computer performance.

Registry Errors

If a program is configured to boot during startup, but is removed improperly, the system will display an error message each time it is unable to load the program during startup. This is because the instructions to load the application file, which doesn’t exist, will remain in the system registry until they are manually removed.

Usually, an uninstall file will remove these registry entries automatically. But, if a program is deleted without using the uninstaller, all of the items that were entered into the registry during the setup process will not be removed.

Take Back Control of Your Computer

Registry Power Cleaner scans your PC and generates a list of your start-up programs. To disable a program from automatically running each time you start your computer, just un-check the program and choose save settings. Its that easy!

Registry Power Cleaner - Startup Programs

In addition, Registry Power Cleaner will safely and effectively scan and remove all registry errors. If your PC is slow, crashing frequently or generally acting strange, these are all signs of damaged registry and should be repaired.

Over time, all registries collect unneeded files, orphaned paths, and other junk that can cause bothersome PC problems. At first these PC problems may just be a nuisance, but left as is, a damaged registry poses a threat to the entire structure of your PC.

By regularly running Registry Power Cleaner, you can easily keep your registry in check and prolong the life of your PC. The Registry Power Cleaner comprehensive scan runs 16 deep scans to locate harmful errors.

Registry Power Cleaner will:

  • Find and repair Windows registry errors using a high performance scanning algorithm
  • Clean invalid registry entries that cause system crashes and freezes
  • Fix broken program shortcuts that cause error messages
  • Boost speed and PC performance by removing invalid entries and orphaned files
  • Edit and remove bothersome start-up programs that slow down your PC
  • Create multiple types of back-up (including Windows OS back-up)
  • Easily un-do registry cleanings
  • Schedule automatic registry cleanings
  • Unlimited free upgrades and e-mail technical support for one year

Learn more about Registry Power Cleaner or Download a Free Registry Scan now!

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