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Wi-Fi Protection

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are another type of wireless network that have become prevalent in recent years. Today, you can connect to the Internet wirelessly at cafés, airports, hotels, parks and a variety of other locations. While these hotspots provide easy and convenient access to the Internet, they are not secure, and often leave your system vulnerable to unauthorized access.

The most dangerous aspect of these public networks is that they are, by definition, open to access by everyone—even those with malicious intent. In the same way that leaving your home network open to unwanted users is dangerous; similarly, connecting to a public network with unverified users poses a security threat.

Public networks connect you to the Internet, but also to all of the other people that are using the Wi-Fi hotspot. In order to protect your personal data and Internet activity, you should always attempt to use public networks that verify their users identities in some way or another. If someone’s identity is being recorded, they are less likely to stage an attack because it could be traced back to them. However, clever hackers have devised medthods to avoid detection. Logging onto a public Wi-Fi connection can leave your PC vulnerable to authorized access and attacks.

From an unprotected Wi-Fi connection, hackers could:

  • Monitor your every move online
  • Steal passwords and other sensitive account details
  • Install spyware and other malware on your PC
  • Record your private email and chat conversations
  • And more

Wi-Fi Protection

McAfee Total Protection provides comprehensive protection and security for your PC at public Wi-Fi hotspots and your wireless home network. McAfee Total Protection utilizes a multi-layered approach to wireless (Wi-Fi) network protection:

McAfee Total Protection

  • Blocks hackers from attacking your Wi-Fi network.
  • Encrypts personal information and transactions sent across your wireless network.
  • Utilizes automatic security key rotation to thwart even the most determined attacks.
  • Eliminates the hassles of networking by making sharing files and printers easy.
  • Full protection blocks wireless intruders from stealing data, initiating attacks such as Evil Twin, installing unwanted programs, or illegally downloading copyrighted content using your identity.
  • Simplifies security with the new McAfee Network Manager and improved McAfee SecurityCenter.
  • Built-In industry standard support for the latest and most popular brands of wireless routers and access points from brands including Linksys, NETGEAR, D-Link, Belkin and others.

McAfee Total Protection offers 12-in-1 prevention and protection for your identity, children online, PC, and online experience. Learn more about McAfee Total Protection with SiteAdvisor Plus.

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