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Windows Registry Errors

Friday, November 30th, 2007

How do Registry Errors Occur?

Any application that does not uninstall properly, or does not have an uninstaller, can leave entries in the Windows Registry. These can build up over time, and lead to decreased system performance and stability. Furthermore, in most cases, uninstalling a program on one user account will not remove the Registry entries in every other user’s account configurations. As such, even if users follow the correct procedures for removing software, the Registry can become bloated over time, with loose ends and traces of old programs hindering productivity. This is a major cause of Windows Registry Errors.

Windows Registry Repair

An expanded explanation of the warning about making changes to the Windows Registry is necessary. Most of the information contained in the Registry is essential to Windows running smoothly and correctly—as such, changing or deleting values can cause your computer to stop running altogether. The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section is a specific point of failure – damage to this part of the registry can render a Windows system unbootable. In extreme cases the damage is irreversible, and a full reinstall of the operating system is required. Another important thing to remember is that changes made to the Registry are immediate—it is not a Word document with an Undo feature allows the user to reverse changes before they Save.

Windows Vista Registry

In Microsoft’s most recent operating system release, Windows Vista, an attempt has been made to address many of the pitfalls of the interaction between the Registry, users and software. In Vista, the Registry has been Virutalized in an attempt to reduce system inflation that can reduce performance. Virtualization basically means that applications are prevented from writing to system folders in file system, and also to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the Registry. It achieves this through User Account Controls, which redirect attempts to modify machine-wide keys to user-specific locations. However, the Registry is still such a critical and sensitive component that it must be dealt with care and caution.

For more information, see: Windows Registry and Windows Registry Structure.

Windows Registry Cleaning

Does your PC:

  • Crash frequently?
  • Act sluggish or slow?
  • Show lots of error messages?
  • Or generally act weird?

Scan & Fix Registry Errors Now!

With regular, everyday use most PCs develop serious registry errors that cause system crashes, slow speeds and can seriously harm the overall health of your PC. And over time registry errors build up when you perform even the simplest actions. Do you ever download new software, just delete a program (not uninstall) or change your PC settings? These are just a few of the ways your registry becomes filled with errors. Left untouched, your PC becomes a ticking time bomb. Why wait any longer? Download award-winning Registry Power Cleaner today and keep your registry error-free and your PC running like new!

Registry Power Cleaner employs a multi-layer approach to best clean your registry:

Registry Power Cleaner

1) Creates a complete back-up copy of your registry.
This important safety feature allows you to make changes to your registry without worrying about accidental deletions.

2) Deep scans your PC to locate harmful registry errors such as invalid entries, obsolete items and other potentially harmful problems.
By using a sophisticated algorithm, Registry Power Cleaner performs 16 different deep scans to find errors that other registry cleaners leave unnoticed.

3) Safely and effectively repairs your registry.
After each scan, Registry Power Cleaner generates a customized and easy-to-read Registry Report that details all registry problems found on your PC.

Registry Power Cleaner smartly analyzes your registry.

This important step sets it apart from other registry cleaners. Some registry cleaners "over-fix" and permanently delete important pieces of your registry, which can leave your PC in shambles. While other cleaners don’t fix enough and leave you with the same PC problems. In contrast, Registry Power Cleaner uses cutting edge technology to make smart recommendations on what to repair. In just minutes, Registry Power Cleaner can optimize and improve PC performance, remove harmful errors and help prevent system crashes.

Learn more about Registry Power Cleaner or download a Free Windows Registry Scan.

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